Angers Tamers

Anger Tamers is led by Genelle Black, MA. 

Anger Tamers teaches strategies to control responses to and decrease the negative impacts of anger for teenagers.

Teens will Learn:

  • To recognize warning signs for anger
  • How to identify coping skills and strategies to decrease anger
  • How to channel anger into productive expression of emotion

To register call 470-736-9595


Genelle Black, MA I am a pre-licensed professional counselor with 9 years of experiencing working in school, community, clinic and forensic settings. I graduated with two bachelor of arts degrees in Psychology and Music from Spelman College in Atlanta. I also have my MA in Counseling Psychology with a forensic concentration. I completed the majority of my training as a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee and interned in California providing play therapy to children traumatized by community violence and domestic violence in their homes. I am also trained in trauma-focused CBT and grief work and have done extensive work with foster and adopted children. I look forward to working with you to help your child on the journey of healing.


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