Care Partners Unite

This is a 60-minute open process group geared towards psychoeducation and self-compassion for people caring for a loved one.

This refers to dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, cancer, or any other chronic/terminal illness. This is strictly for family or friends caring for a loved one, NOT PAID caregivers or aides.

We will discuss and process the caregiver process, mindful self-compassion as you encounter your role as caregiver, how to communicate effectively with care partners, doctors, and other medical providers, as well as education about your care partner’s diagnosis.

Facilitated by a skilled therapist, this group offers care for the care giver, a space for you to feel supported and understood, to receive help and hope.

This group is facilitated by Jenny Barwick, MS, LPC, CPCS, who specializes in older adult care and maternal mental health. This is an open format group, allowing individuals to continue to join after the group has formally begun. An intake may be required.

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