Confessions of a Therapist

by Tanya Thomas, APC

Do as I say, not as I do…

I have a weird mind. I think the oddest of things sometimes all the time. I am a therapist and off and on throughout my adult life I have seen a therapist myself. The thing I always want to know is: do they follow their own advice?

So today – when life is really hard for all of us – is the time to confess. Because really – we are all in this together.

Meditation – Yes, absolutely, always. I love to meditate by drawing in my head. In my head space the picture always turns out perfect – the lines are straight – the colors are crystal clear – the objects are realistic. I place myself in the image. What do I see? What do I feel? What do I hear? Can I taste the salty air if I am at the beach?

Lately I’ve been using an app – Insight Timer to help with mediation – especially for going to sleep.

Yoga – god no! I’ve tried a few classes. I hate it. I hate how slow the movement is. All I can think about are my aching muscles and that I’m sweating, and I do NOT like sweat!!!! Yuck! But I do exercise. Whatever my plan was, reality is I’m hiking 2.2 miles 5 days a week – and I’m playing PokemonGo while I’m at it.

Structure – the image is courtesy of my husband. But yes, I try to have an organized structure to my day it helps a lot. I skipped yesterday. I ended up eating a bag of chips.

Stay off social media and news – Most days yes. The days I mess up here I’m pretty weepy I give myself about a 15-minute limit on each because I do need to keep up with what is going on in the world.

No secrets – I’m not too good here with my emotions. When I talk about my son, who is a high school senior, I cry. I’m keeping these thoughts to myself. For now, they are too big to share.

Dress for the social life you wish for – I follow this only from the waist up! The idea here is not to stay in pajamas all day. Get dressed, feel good about myself and my appearance I just like my comfy pants too much – so from the waist up I do dress up every day.

Journaling – writing, photo journaling, drawing – any method of journaling. I honestly haven’t done this yet for the current circumstances. I think I’m afraid. I’m afraid of my emotions around this pandemic. Yes, this has been helpful in the past, but not today.

Talk to a therapist – yup, I am there every week.

Practice good sleep hygiene – (no screens in the bedroom; the bed is for sleeping and sex) Nope and nope. My phone is on my nightstand. My desk with my laptop is beside my bed. I fall asleep watching TV

So that’s the way it is. A peek into the real life of a therapist. Honestly, I’m not surprised I don’t follow all of my own advice. Some things work at certain times – and some things just don’t. During this difficult time with so much advice on what to or not to do – pick the things that make a difference in your life – the rest just ignore.

Tanya Thomas, APC I am a mom myself – I have four. We stay busy between school, sports, and music! I love nurturing the wonderful human beings that my children are and, at times, am challenged by their being someone/something other than myself! I find motherhood to be both the peaceful journey down a river and an epic adventure filled with unforeseen events
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