Couples Counseling

Relationships often hit bumps and potholes.

But in some cases, they hit craters from land mines, barriers that seem to leave no clear path forward.

Couple’s counseling offers assistance in learning how to navigate these bumps, no matter their size, and to experience your partner in a healthier and more secure way.

Whether you are in an ongoing relationship, in the process of leaving one, or trying to co-parent following divorce, we can help you achieve healthier communication.

Relationships can be described as a dance.

Generally, the steps become automatic.

You know where your partner’s foot is going to land and you’re already moving your feet.

And so begins the wash, rinse, repeat cycle. The music is the same. You’re left feeling frustrated, hurt, unloved, unheard, lost and hopeless.

Through therapy, we can begin to see the patterns within these experiences and we can assist you in realizing the underlying issues, fears and frustrations.

Change can happen.

Let us help.

Effective couple’s counseling should never be a situation of one person being “ganged up on.” If that has ever been your experience, we’re sorry to hear it!

We offer a respectful and non-judgmental space, an empathetic and safe place where we can slow down the process.

We can work to stop the patterns that leave one partner shutting down and the other escalating.

We can assist you in the ability to understand your partner and receive the same.

The content of the issues is NOT the problem, the problem is the perceived emotion that we think is behind the message being received.

Let us help you safely navigate the road ahead.

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