Grief has many layers.

It is a delicate, intricate process all humans experience, and each layer has to be peeled back one by one. There are layers of sadness, fear, anger, even betrayal, and myriad others. Each must be uncovered and tended to with gentleness and compassion.

Grief has no expiration date.

We often think there is an expiration date- as if we should be “over it” by a certain time. But, grief never really goes away. Over time and with therapy, the intensity of our feelings lessens and we learn to incorporate our grief into our lives in a coherent and healthy way.

Grief is like an ocean.

Some days it is calm, warm, and perfect. Other days, it is raging and knocks us over. Just as with depression, there are so many different types of grief it can be overwhelming. No two grief experiences are the same.

Grief is lonely.

We hesitate to share our grief. We don’t want to burden our friends and loved ones. And the more time goes on, the less likely we are to talk about it, because we’re afraid that we’ve saturated them, worn them out with our “complaining,” that they’ll find us to be downers and drift away.

Grief is painful.

The experience of grief is one of the most painful ones any individual will ever go through. It cuts so deep sometimes we think we’ll never get our lives back. And sometimes, it’s not a person we’re grieving. Sometimes, it’s a relationship, or a job, or a pet (a thoroughly valid form of grief, lest anyone tell you otherwise!). Any loss can result in grief.

We understand grief, and we’re not afraid.

Grief, though incredibly common, requires specialization and training. It requires someone who understands the process, is patient, compassionate, and can hold it with you. Our therapists are here to help you. They have experience with grief, and are ready to walk with you through yours for as long as it takes.

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Therapists specializing in grief:

Kathryn Vaughn, LCSW

Mari I. Mars, MS, LPC, NCC

Julie Coker, MS, EdS, LPC

Tanya Thomas, APC




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