Bobbi Jones, MA, LAPC


Bobbi Jones, MA, LAPC

My Goal is to help you move forward!

You deserve some relief

I want to help you gain some control over your moods. Most of us that worry a lot or succumb to feelings of sadness have been stuck in this cycle for some time. The good news is though anxiety and depression can be debilitating, it doesn’t have to be. Working together we can explore why these feelings have developed and take steps to alleviate them by learning new coping skills and developing a self-care plan unique to your needs.

How do we do that?

Your current feelings are valid, yet you deserve more joy. 

We will work together to discover what underlying events, circumstances or relationships have contributed to your fear and sadness. Once we figure that out we can then begin to help you make better choices to support balance and overall wellness.

Often times our responsibilities take over our lives and we leave little time and space to recharge. This makes achieving balance very difficult, thus we will look at the demands you have and work to schedule “me time” so that you are better equipped to manage all the roles you play.

Embarking on this process will give you a sense of control and balance.


Do you remember being in love? When it just felt right. But lately, you’re disconnected, and it’s been so long since you’ve felt that way about each other. Perhaps you feel misunderstood, hurt, or lonely. Maybe you’re struggling with something that recently happened–or that happened a long time ago–and your relationship never really recovered. Or it’s been a long, slow drifting apart.

Whether you’re fighting all the time, or you never even talk anymore, you just keep falling back into the same dysfunctional pattern, and you just don’t know how to change it. We will work together to identify areas to improve your connectedness to one another. By sharpening your communication skills you will better be able to relay what you need to your partner as well as better attend to their needs.

I need a positive change, what are next steps?

Getting started can feel a little scary yet taking steps to take better care of yourself is important and scheduling your first session can bring a near instant sense of relief.

You are able to either call, text, or email our office manager to schedule a complimentary consultation call.

Schedule your appointment by calling 4702075580 or using the contact form below.

Who is Bobbi?

I am a mom of 4, and former businesswoman who has battled anxiety and post-partum depression myself in past years. So, in other words, I get it. Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities can be daunting for anyone. I was able to take back control of my life by doing exactly what you are considering doing right now – getting a little help to assist in understanding why I was experiencing those feelings.

I use a combination of methods to create an individualized plan of treatment unique to each client. I work with you to develop a path toward relief that best suits you. This will require us to explore difficult topics at times, so we can determine the right tools to help you feel better.

What about Bobbi’s credentials?

I earned my Master’s of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University. I completed my practicum in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment facility and my internship at an Art it Out, a private practice with a focus on art therapy as an intervention with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Since then I have worked in out-patient treatment settings for mood disorders and addiction as well as served as a unit lead in a pediatric psychiatric facility. All these varied experiences have helped me grow as a clinician and provided with many therapeutic skills and tools to help you navigate your current challenges.

I am a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia. Yet, I also hold several specialty certifications including, Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, with additional trainings in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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We Are Here to Help You.

Your drought in life may be the most severe it’s ever been right now. You may be facing the most difficult challenges you’ve ever encountered. Whatever has brought you to Petrichor, know that there is someone here to help you.

You are not alone. Let us bring the rain. Your drought is finally ending.