Shelida Johnson, APC

Shelida Johnson, APC

Significant transitions are inevitable. Some of those transitions are planned, while others are unexpected. When experiencing an unexpected transition, our emotional needs are sometimes placed on the backburner, while we address our external needs. However, in some cases, we may begin to isolate due to feelings of grief, shame, or sadness, making it difficult to move forward with day-to-day interactions.
If you are reading this, you may be in a place where you are contemplating change. If so, I would like to walk with you in your transition.
As your therapist, I believe we can work together to process stressful life events, learn new ways of thinking about these events, and apply skills that can better help you cope with feelings of depression and anxiety.
I believe it is crucial for individuals to have a space to process difficult thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. In our first meeting, I plan to assist you in organizing your goals for therapy. Your sessions will be person-centered, centered around the principles of empathy and non-judgement. Throughout the process, I will provide psychoeducation to normalize and assist you in understanding your response to these events.

A Little More About Shelida

I am currently a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (APC). I have a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University and a BS in Psychology from Georgia State University.

For nearly seven (7) years, I have served both children and adults during significant transitions. My background includes grief counseling, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Some of the settings I have provided support in are, community (homes, schools, and jail), crisis (responding to crisis calls), and private care (private practice). My experience also includes counseling, advocating, providing psychoeducation and skill building for parents (biological and foster) and children within the foster care system.

Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach is grounded in Person-Centered Therapy. I uphold the Rogerian principles of providing empathy and non-judgement in my approach. I have received additional training in Grief Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM). I also use Brainspotting as a method to treat trauma.

I strive for continued growth, so that I am providing you with sound and ethical care throughout your counseling journey. To maintain this level of care, I receive continued supervision.

In addition to supervision, I have been accepted to continue my education in the PhD Counseling Education and Supervision program with Capella University. Furthermore, I am in the process of receiving continued education in the specific areas of trauma and grief.


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