Therapy for Adults

Dr. J: Pelvic Floor Specialist 

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin (Dr. J) is the owner of JMM Health Solutions and a pelvic floor specialist working with adult and pediatric populations. Within her practice she treats a variety of pelvic floor conditions, not limited to pelvic and genital pain, sexual dysfunction (including ED, dyspareunia and vaginismus), prolapse, endometriosis, bowel and bladder dysfunction, pregnant and post-partum issues, persistent back and hip pain, bedwetting, encopresis.

Dr. Martin offers visits not only within the office, but also in home (limited to Gwinnett County and North Fulton) and virtual/ online sessions. Her goal is to provide the highest level of care for her clients while also offering convenience and ease of scheduling.


Appointments can be made directly via her website:
You can also inquire about the Endo Wellness Program, a comprehensive and holistic wellness coaching program for those dealing suffering with endometriosis as well as the Love & Passion Program, a wellness coaching program for those suffering from dyspareunia.

For more information, contact: [email protected] or call (770) 569-3572

Stacy-Ann Louie, IBCLC: Certified Lactation Consultant at Tent Breastfeeding


Stacy-Ann Louie, IBCLC is a Certified Lactation Consultant at Tent Breastfeeding. She specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. She believes that maternal health is inclusive of breastfeeding and postpartum support. She is also a mother of five and understand that while breastfeeding is natural it is not instinctual. Breastfeeding my children, opened my eyes to a whole new world. Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for parents and children. Nonetheless, it can be complex and sometimes difficult to navigate alone. Having the support of an experienced clinical lactation consultant to guide you through your immediate concerns and to support you with your breastfeeding goals is invaluable. She began Tent Breastfeeding Services to meet all your real world breastfeeding needs. Her local support groups are a unique blend of peer-to peer support with expert input. Group classes are the perfect place for you to learn and make connections with other moms like you. All classes and support groups can be booked online.  


 All consults are individualized and vary to meet the needs of both mom and baby. There are a few things that are consistent with all breastfeeding appointments. All moms are encouraged to have their support person in the appointment . All consults are 1 hour long, thorough and comprehensive. You will be asked to provide maternal and infant intake history. While in the consult your concerns will be addressed. You will be given a care plan at the end of the consult. If a follow-up is needed it will be booked before mom and baby leave the office

Specialize In

Prenatal breastfeeding education
Newborn Breastfeeding concerns
Latch and Position management,
Inadequate breast milk intake and output,
Late onset of breast milk
Forceful milk let down
Pumping to breastfeed,
Slow to feed and preterm infants.
Pain with breastfeeding,
Pain after breastfeeding
Nipple wound care  


PH: 678-750-3121


These classes are designed to get you prepared to breastfeed. It will provide sound evidence-based information on all breastfeeding areas. We will discuss topics such as managing supply, painful breastfeeding, working and pumping, and proper latch techniques. Classes are held in a small group setting so you can benefit from a supportive community and ask questions free. 

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