Relationship Issues

Human beings are social creatures.

We are wired to engage with others. Innately, we all need and desire emotional security. Intimate relationships allow us the opportunity to achieve this goal. However, it is inevitable that conflicts will arise within all relationships.

Our ability to effectively and healthily navigate these issues dictates our stability and sense of security.

Usually, we’re aware of conflict within our relationships.

We find ourselves struggling with emotions that range from confusion and exasperation to anger and depression. When this occurs it is important to recognize that because we are feeling trapped but unable to create change, assistance it available.

At Petrichor Counseling we offer you and your partner a safe and empathetic place wherein you will be heard. We want you to know that we understand counseling for couples can be intimidating.

It takes courage to admit struggles.

It also takes courage to be vulnerable and talk about these struggles. We believe that this type of specialized assistance is not effective when one individual feels “ganged up on”.

This recognition allows us to provide empathy for each individual while assisting the two of you to move forward in the healthiest way possible.

Help is available and change is possible! Call today to begin reconnecting (470) 736-9595.

Therapists specializing in relationship issues:

Mari I. Mars, MS, LPC, NCC

Jennifer Hama, MS, LPC, CPCS




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