Sexual Assault Survivors Group

This group is for people who identify as women and are survivors of sexual trauma.

There are many types of sexual trauma including rape, childhood sexual abuse, and intimate partner sexual violence. This includes, but it not limited to, forced penetration, attempted rape, unwanted fondling or sexual touching.

Some forms of sexual assault involve physical violence; however, forceful sexual contact can also be drug facilitated, or a result of coercion or manipulation.

Sexual abuse takes many different forms, but in every case, it is never the fault of the survivor.

This is a process group that allows survivors to share their experiences, and gain the support of one another while exploring uncomfortable feelings within a safe environment.

Facilitated by Mari I. Mars, MS, LPC, NCC, expert in the areas of trauma and sexuality, this group is an open format, allowing individuals to join after the group has formally formed. An intake may be required.

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