Sexuality and Spirituality Group

Sexuality and spirituality are two of the most core, basic, foundational aspects of our humanity.

Human beings are, in many people’s eyes, spiritual by nature, seeking to unite themselves something larger than themselves.

At the same time, sexuality, our need for sex, is one of only a handful of actions we as are instinctively, biologically programmed to do.

What do we do, then, when these two conflict with each other?

In our spiritual upbringings, the messages we often receive are that our sexuality and spirituality are not in line with each other.

We are taught that sexuality is dirty (sometimes with the exception of certain contexts like marriage as allowable), that our need for sexual connection is animalistic, that our bodies work against our souls to corrupt us.

When these messages are the formative, we often struggle later in life with how to reconcile these pieces in a way that we can live in peace. We often feel lost, hopeless, helpless, ashamed, conflicted, even paranoid.

At Petrichor Counseling, LLC, under the facilitation of Mari I. Mars, MS, LPC, NCC, expert in sexuality, spirituality, and trauma, this group offers a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space to explore these conflicted messages and heal, while still being mindful and respectful of your beliefs.

We Are Here to Help You.

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