Therapy for Adults

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives.

We all struggle, go through periods of time in our lives when we’re confused, don’t know what to do, or feel stuck. We all experience sadness, fear, anger, disappointment, frustration, anxiety…

People from all walks of life have diverse needs when it comes to therapy. Each of us is unique, and our therapy should be as individualized as we are.

At Petrichor Counseling, LLC, our therapists are varied in education, training, experience, knowledge, and approach.

Each therapist has her own style, her own way of connecting with clients and affecting change in the lives of her clients.

We serve adults through methods and techniques that, no matter how different, are geared toward helping improve clients’ self-images and goals toward self-actualization, while experiencing the growth and change process.

By addressing the struggles of life during therapy, we assist our clients in feeling empowered, strengthened, and in control of his or her own process and life.

Call us today (470) 736-9595, and let’s talk more about how we can help.

We Are Here to Help You.

Your drought in life may be the most severe it’s ever been right now. You may be facing the most difficult challenges you’ve ever encountered. Whatever has brought you to Petrichor, know that there is someone here to help you.

You are not alone. Let us bring the rain. Your drought is finally ending.