Don’t Get Caught Up in the Whirlwind

Therapy for Anxiety in Atlanta, GA

Thoughts spin faster than you can keep up.

It feels like your concerned about everything: from what to fix for dinner tonight to the overall state of the world. It never stops.

Or in the pit of your stomach, there’s a gnawing feeling – that something isn’t good enough. That you’re not good enough.

Perhaps you find yourself avoiding things that you used to enjoy – activities, people, and places.

It just feels like too much to take on right now.

How to keep yourself grounded?!

If you’re experiencing any of the following, than these signs can indicate that you’re currently struggling with anxiety:

  • Frequent worrying and difficulty controlling worrying
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sweating, trembling, feeling weak or tired
  • Feeling restless, tense, or irritable
  • Trouble sleeping
  • The urge to avoid things that trigger anxiety
  • Frequent thoughts of failure and being not good enough

How to find peace and get relief.

Therapy provides an opportunity to explore all that’s bothering you in a safe setting.

Your therapist will listen, non-judgmentally, to what you’re going through and work with you to develop a plan for healing.

This can involve digging down to the core of the issues and finding new ways to approach life, as well as positive skill building to better manage anxiety symptoms when they occur.

We want to get you back in the driver’s seat, enjoying life the way you used to.

Please give us a call (470) 736-9595. Help is around the corner.