by Kate Knott, MS, APC, NCC

I was recently experiencing pain in my lower back and hip area due to strenuous exercise. It was preventing me from being able to workout at all, which is my chosen form of stress relief and self-care. I noticed that the lack of ability made me frustrated and unable to sleep – a lovely combination. I am blessed to work part time at an addiction out-patient facility, The Summit Wellness Group, where we utilize a holistic approach to healing.

As part of our programming we have a chiropractor in once a week to adjust all the clients (and staff!). I hobbled in to see him and gingerly crawled on the table. I will admit I was hesitant as I thought it might make the situation worse. I was afraid of more pain, I distrusted the thought of relief.

As he proceeded with his work, he said to me these words,

“Where there is motion, there is the absence of pain”.

Within minutes of specific and precise movements I was astounded. The pain was gone and I could move. I thanked him and went back to my work with our clients, his words still in my head.

“Where there is motion, there is the absence of pain”. How true. How appropriate to all types of therapy and most especially within the field of mental health. When we are challenged and plagued by depression, anxiety and trauma we are “stuck”. We feel as though there is no movement and we fear hope in forward movement. We doubt that it can be better.

We fear the unknown and stay in the cruel cycle of pain.

What I am certain of is this:

Having a safe and supportive counselor is a true blessing and benefit. Choosing a counselor is of the utmost importance and it is your right to be able to do so. I am blessed to be in the position to assist my clients as they take the brave step to share time with me.

What I provide is a safe and non-judgemental environment wherein we can create movement. A release of pain and a realization that hope and health is indeed possible. It just is. The hardest part is finding the courage to make that first call and in trusting that I will be willing to join you as you find that you are worthy and that you are capable.

A trusted and trained counselor can help you identify why and how you feel stuck. When I work with my clients this is our first step. We then work together to utilize specific methods of therapeutic assistance that will put you on the right path towards mental and overall health.

The knowledge of different approaches combines an understanding of how our brains develop and interpret our growth, experiences, emotions and thoughts. The best approach will always be grounded in this knowledge and then applied in a safe and supported environment.

Where there is movement, there is the absence of pain.




Kate Knott, MS, APC, NCC We can work together to identify what you are struggling with and how to effect change in your life. I believe this because I have seen it happen. I went back to school later in life because I knew that I was passionate about helping others and I wanted to do so. I respect you and your experiences. I respect your story and your right to feel better! I believe in my knowledge and training within the profession of counseling and know it can be helpful.
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