Our Philosophy

Where is your office located?

3160 Main Street, Suite 102
Duluth, GA 30096

What do I need to do to schedule an appointment?

First off, welcome!

We work to make the scheduling process as easy as possible. You can always contact us through the form at the bottom of our web-page or by calling 470) 736-9595.

Also, you can reach our dedicated administrative assistant either by phone at (470) 736-9595 or email at [email protected]. She’ll be happy to talk with you about your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

How much does therapy cost?

Each therapist’s services are priced according to their specialty and expertise. For more details, please call our administrative assistant at (470) 736-9595.

Do you take insurance?

Our therapists at Petrichor Counseling, LLC do not accept insurance, however we can provide you with a detailed receipt which you can submit to your insurance company if you have Out of Network benefits or a deductible.

We are not able to guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you.

How long and how often will I need to come?

It depends on each individual and their goals for therapy.

We usually recommend 4-6 weekly sessions to develop a better idea of how long/often therapy will need to continue to best reach your goals. Your personal therapist will work with you to develop an effective, individualized plan.

We Are Here to Help You.

Your drought in life may be the most severe it’s ever been right now. You may be facing the most difficult challenges you’ve ever encountered. Whatever has brought you to Petrichor, know that there is someone here to help you.

You are not alone. Let us bring the rain. Your drought is finally ending.