Group Therapy

In our most shameful moments, moving through the world can be overwhelming

Shame thrives in secrecy, so healing requires us to shine a light on those secrets we keep. The most luminous beam is created by sharing and processing together, with others.

Group can help you finally start feeling connected to others again.

It can be an effective way to help you cope and learn.

It empowers you and validates your feelings.

It is even helpful on those days you when you feel alone and don’t feel like talking. Simply listening can be helpful.

You are not forced to disclose because participation is more than just sharing. Participation includes listening, observing, relating, and reflecting.

Research shows that group therapy is equally, if not more beneficial than individual therapy.

It offers opportunities for you to not only interact with and benefit from one (or frequently even two) therapists, but also to receive feedback and support from peers in a setting that is safe.

Group therapy is like a little laboratory, giving you a chance to try new ways of interacting with others and new ways of behaving in a controlled setting.

It helps to translate the benefits of therapy into your regular life in a practical and direct way. It is also cost effective, frequently at a fraction of the cost of individual therapy.

We have many specially designed groups that address your individual needs.

We will match you with the group that best suits you, and your budget. Our groups are offered for the affordable cost of $75 per session ($90 intake session may be required).

We Are Here to Help You.

Your drought in life may be the most severe it’s ever been right now. You may be facing the most difficult challenges you’ve ever encountered. Whatever has brought you to Petrichor, know that there is someone here to help you.

You are not alone. Let us bring the rain. Your drought is finally ending.