Road to Recovery Program

Road to Recovery (R2R) is a unique program developed to help people who are currently struggling to experience support and relief.

This intensive program will help you focus on your recovery and develop a solid plan for continued improvement. This program allows you to quickly and deeply address your issues while you work to develop a solid support team.

This program is 4 weeks long and includes the following:

  • 4 Weekly Group Sessions with two therapists (90 minutes)
  • 4 Weekly Individual/Family sessions with a therapist (90 minutes)
  • After successful completion, can continue in the monthly maintenance therapy group ($75/90 min session)

This program provides 3 hours of treatment per week for $255 per week, averaging out to $85/hour. This is less than most hourly individual therapy sessions cost and more intensive than meeting for only one hour per week.

Facilitated by group specialist Jennifer Hama, LPC, CPCS, this group is an open format, allowing individuals to join after the group has formally formed. The standard Group Therapy Intake and Diagnostic Interview ($90) is required prior to beginning the program.

We Are Here to Help You.

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