by Tanya Thomas, APC

Every day mothers are born. We think about babies being born, but we never really think about, or look at what it is like when a mother is born.   Some mothers have 9 months to prepare; others have longer (or shorter) journeys through the adoption process; others try, and try, and try again; some give their bodies as human incubators so others can become a mother.

Motherhood is Both the End and the Beginning – the end of who we were and the beginning of something new.

It’s the end of sleeping in. It’s the end of our belly button as we knew it. It’s the end of time being our own. It’s the end of being a heavy sleeper. It’s the end of sleeping on our stomachs. It’s the end being the only important person in our lives. It’s the end of disposable income. It’s the end of thinking about ourselves.

And we trade all that in for? A screaming bundle of fragile humanity. Sleepless nights. Poop that goes everywhere. Stretched out stomachs. Drooping boobs. Pregnancy/new baby brain. Waking at the clock tick certain the baby has fallen. A third party in our most intimate relationships.

And Everyone Expects us to be Happy About it and a Natural

That just is NOT reality. The transition into motherhood is even bigger and more dramatic than going through puberty. It’s the hair and skin changes, the body changes – did I mention the hormone changes- yikes, moody. Yet no one tells us that motherhood may not be the joyful bliss of expectations. There are plenty of wonderful moms who do not love the infant stage. Mothering is not natural – it is a learned skill. We don’t know how to change a diaper automatically, or when to feed or how much to feed, or how to dress a squiggling creature.

Unlike puberty, when we encourage the adolescent through their struggles; mothers are often isolated – alone – away from family and friends. Not sure what to do. They may want to mother just like their mom, or they may want to try something entirely different. Thinking it through is hard when sleep is rare. Taking the next step – moving forward – finding your cheerleader to help and encourage you is so important. Because you can make this transition and be the mother you want to be.

One day, when you finally get sleep, you wake up and realize that just like a caterpillar that went into its cocoon and emerged changed, you have become something so different and yet the same. Here you are:

At the Beginning of Many New Adventures

This is the change into motherhood – this is the new beginning. Welcome to motherhood.

Tanya Thomas, APC I am a mom myself – I have four. We stay busy between school, sports, and music! I love nurturing the wonderful human beings that my children are and, at times, am challenged by their being someone/something other than myself! I find motherhood to be both the peaceful journey down a river and an epic adventure filled with unforeseen events
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